Stop Being A Consumer

Stop reading.

Stop buying.

Stop watching YouTube videos.

Stop watching documentaries.

Stop listening to podcasts.

Just stop.

Stop taking in information.

And begin…

Just take the plunge.

Become a producer.

Consumers don’t get anywhere in life.

What I find to be a great challenge in today’s world is people rarely become doers, all they do is consume. They set out with a dream and they try to consume their way to the top. They will read and read, yet never apply the information they learn. They just get a thrill off of consuming new knowledge.

These folks don’t amount to much because they got all this knowledge, however they have no experience to show for.

Compare this person to the dude who just acts, acts, and acts.

This dude may not have the necessary knowledge that he needs at first, however by taking action; he will soon learn what he needs to know.

By becoming a producer, he is on the fast track to success.

So the question that I have for you is…

When it comes to your dreams, are you a producer or are you a consumer?

Are you sitting back and watching things happen from the sideline or are you out on the field, with ten toes in the dirt?

It’s important you make the transition from consumer to producer, and here’s how to do it…

1. Limit the information you take in.

Cut out all information. Just try it. Yes, that includes this blog. Stop reading. Stop taking in what I have to say and look inwards. Cut out consumption of new knowledge altogether. Everything you need to succeed is already within you. You don’t need anything from me or from anyone else for that matter. You got what it takes to succeed, all you have to do is act.

2. Take the plunge.

Jump into the water.

It doesn’t matter where you begin so just go for it.

Start anywhere.

Sure, you may fail. Sure, you may be hit with rejection. Sure, you may go bankrupt.

However, the experience you accumulate will be far greater than years and years of reading.

By doing, you learn.

This is real knowledge because this knowledge sticks with you.

Hence, even if you fail, you will increase your odds of succeeding on your second attempt because of your prior experience.

Success is all about failing, failing, and failing until you get your lucky break that leads to success.

Therefore, failure brings wisdom so get out there and fail away.

Fail early. Fail fast.

The reality of the situation is failure is what makes a successful person, successful so open your arms and embrace failure.

Failure is a teacher so let it teach you the lessons that success deems to be of utter importance.

3. Produce what you want to see in the world.

It’s in your heart to be a creator, so create.

Create your ideal world.

Make the products that you want to buy.

Make the movies that you want to watch.

Make the songs that you want to listen to.

Simply put, do what resides in your heart.

After all, this is the surest path to success.

So with all of the above noted, the challenge that I have for you is…

For the next thirty days, don’t take in any new information.

Stop consuming altogether and just act.

At the end of the thirty days, reflect and notice how far you have come.

The results will blow your mind, I can assure you of that.