Stop Waiting For Your Life To Start

Stop. Just stop. Stop already. 

About 75% of the population needs to not only hear those words, but desperately needs to apply them as well.


Because majority of the people on this earth fall into the same predicament year after year and generation after generation.

This predicament is the notion of waiting to start living.

Now this may sound strange since we are living each and everyday so how can one wait to live? Well it’s quite simple.

We have all these things and activities we want to do and such, but we never do them because in a sense we are waiting for our dream life.

One of the mentalities dream chasers get trapped in is the mindset of delaying living life until we have accomplished our dreams and are presented with our dream life. Hence dream chasers work like hell and push off things they want to do until a later date. This is the definition of not living. This is waiting to live.

You hear it all the time, heck I’ve been quoted on this website saying it numerous times. In order to accomplish your dreams you have to make sacrifices. That is one of the truest statements you’ll hear when it comes to chasing your dreams. However some people misinterpret this and take it the wrong way.

They view that statement and think that they have to have no life outside their dream chasing  if they are to ever achieve their dreams. This is wrong. Very wrong.

You should not only strive to chase your dream life, but you should enjoy the life you are granted with right now. Right this second, embrace it.

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So with that said this brings me to my main point…

Stop Waiting For Things To Be Perfect

Life is not perfect. It’s never going to be perfect. So if you have that notion in your head of delaying your fun in the sun you are just going to miss out. When you do reach your dream life, you’re going to be presented with new problems and such because the only time when we aren’t dealt with some sort of problems in life is when we are dead. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

So you need to start living right this moment. Not another day of delaying your life. Life is for living, not for waiting to live.

Another important thing to realize is that you are only getting older. So don’t let life pass you by. Enjoy these times and enjoy these days. Enjoy the beauty which is life.

I bet you like everybody on this planet would like to go back to your childhood or your adolescence years and would want to relive those years because you may not have taken full advantage of those times. Well those years are gone. The past is the past. Kiss it goodbye. However, if you don’t get your life together right now, twenty years down the road you’re going to look back at this stage of your life and you are going to regret not living it to it’s full potential. It always happens, but you can put an end to it if you start living NOW. Don’t waste another day.

You are only getting older. 

If you are characterized with that mindset you will truly live life to the maximum degree.

Now if you don’t start living right now, let me tell you what is going to happen because this happens to millions of people.

You’re going to end up not enjoying the sun, until it’s cloudy. You’re going to end up not engaging in activities while you still can. You’re going to not be able to enjoy the world while you’re still exposed to it. You’re going to end up not appreciating the people you love, until they die. You’re going to end up not living life to your full potential, until you are filled with regret and on your death bed.

In short, you are just going to let life pass you by.

So the choice is yours. You can either stop the direction your life is headed in right now and aim to change it by enjoying today or you can just go with it and continue to sacrifice today for tomorrow.