How To Stop Wasting Your Time

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You’ve heard it before and you’re bound to hear it again, TIME is your most valuable resource.

You can spend money and make more, but once you spend your time, it’s gone.

As a result, the way you use your time ultimately determines what type of life you lead. If you spend your time wisely and devote it to something of use, you can go on and achieve all your goals and dreams. However, if you don’t, you are destined for mediocrity. The average are people who had big dreams just like you, however they didn’t use their time in the best manner as a result they were hit with the reality that failure brings forth.

If you want to escape this reality, you have to learn how to use your time wisely. Think of time like you think of money. Choose the best way to spend it.

Ultimately, in my opinion the way you go about not wasting your time is by realizing when time is being wasted and when time isn’t being wasted.

Hence, below are six scenarios (excluding the obvious) in which your time ISN’T being wasted.

Majority of your time should in fact be devoted to these activities. If you find yourself doing activities that are NOT a part of the six below, chances are, you’re wasting your time.

1. Chasing your dreams

When you are chasing your dreams, you are building your future. People have this bizarre thought where they believe the future is just magically created, but in reality it takes tons of time in order to nurture and create the future you desire.

As a result, time is definitely not being wasted when you are chasing your dreams. In fact, in my opinion, chasing your dreams is one of the best uses for your time.

2. Making money

If you’re making money, you’re not wasting your time (usually). Money is a tool that we all need. In some people’s eyes, money is what equates to success as a result the more money you accumulate, the more successful you become.

3. Learning

Whether you’re learning on the job, learning in school, or educating yourself, you are making great use of your time. This is also one of the best investments of your time because you’re bound to get a great return on this investment of yours. This scenario also considers the future as learning will pay dividends down the line.

4. Exercising

You have to take care of your body. On this road to success, people tend to neglect their body, but you need to realize you are the most powerful when your mind, soul, and body are in accordance with one another. As a result, achieving the optimal level is a must.

Use your time to get fit.

Exercising provides tremendous benefits. From the obvious like reducing the likelihood of coming down with deadly diseases to increasing your productivity.

5. Spending time with your family

Family is everything. Your family is your support system. You are making great use of your time if you spend a portion of it with your loved ones.

A lot of people spend day after day outside of their homes and they in return miss big moments from their children’s lives, only to regret it after.

The people around you are the ones who are going to be there for you even if the world is against you. Cherish them.

6. Working

Work is going to make those dreams of yours turn into reality so working is another great use of your time.

You have to work in order to go from where you are to where you want to be.

So now that you have gained some realization, you can use your judgement alongside the six scenarios above in order to classify when your time is being wasted and when it isn’t. When you find yourself wasting time, it’s TIME to get back on the road to success or put that time to use in other endeavors. It’s all just a conscious thought. You have complete control.

Why waste your time, when there are so many other more enjoyable ways to spend your time in which you actually earn a return on your investment?

You control your thinking and your thinking gives rise to your actions, if you think it’s time to get back on track, you’ll get back on track.

How to stop wasting your time

I recommend you utilize the 80/20 rule. In my opinion this is a great way to minimize the time you waste. I mean, we humans are not machines. It’s very hard for us to go hard all day, every day. With that said, the 80/20 rule ensures you have some free time.

What the rule states is ultimately you should take advantage of 80% of the time you get in a day and put it to good use, in return use the additional 20% for other activities that aren’t really of use (ex. watching TV, playing video games etc.).

By following the 80/20 principle when it comes to time, I found that I go more hard and work smarter, motivation isn’t really a problem because I always have some type of leisure activity to look forward to.

I recommend you devote the last 20% of your day to some leisure type activities because like I said, you’ll have something to look forward to and this should keep you in check.

I end this article with a simple point which hopefully further drives home the point of not wasting any more of your time on earth…

It takes time to plant the seeds which blossom into success so when you are wasting your time, you are robbing yourself of a great future.