How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

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When looked upon from the big picture, we’re only on this earth for a brief period of time. As a result, you have to do what you desire and you cannot let worry hold you back.

Worrying and stressing…will kill you.

A lot of the health related complications that come into fruition are largely due to stress.

This world is filled with stress. People are constantly stressing about their problems and issues which further creates more stress.

For that reason, these people live in a bubble of constant worry and fear.

They worry themselves sick and hence never get around to actually living.

Now you may not be as bad as these people, but if you are like the masses, you too probably suffer from some worries as well. Whether it be worries regarding your children’s college fund or about your divorce. Whatever it is, we all worry.

However, too much worrying and stressing will do you harm

For that reason, below are three tips I recommend you use in order to kill your worries.

1. Accept your worries as fact

I know this sounds bizarre, but view your worries as if they have come true. Accept them. Now that what you were worrying about has transformed into reality, ask yourself, is it really that bad?

Sure things may have taken a turn for the worse, but you’re still here. You’re still breathing. You still have a chance.

Every day is a new opportunity. Every day you have a chance to rewrite the wrongs of yesterday by living today in the right manner.

In addition, a lot of the time when our worries transform into reality, things aren’t really as bad as we expected them to be.

We have wild imaginations so we typically exaggerate our worries, however in reality; our worries aren’t as bad as they seemed to be in our heads.

Whenever you find yourself worrying about something, accept it as fact and move on. I know this may seem counter intuitive, but just try it.

Like the old saying goes, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

2. Do something about them

Don’t just sit back and let life hit. You are a powerful creature, show life who the boss is and swing back.

It’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how you react.

Your reaction to situations determines if you rise or if you fall.

When life hits you, fight back.

Don’t play the victim role. Rise above and take charge. You need to be strong, life will test you.

Hence, you need to find a way to kill your worries. Find a solution to your problem. Shift your focus from the problem to possible solutions. Use that same imagination which is giving rise to your worries to put an end to them.

3. Live for the moment

The oldest cliché you’ll find, live for the moment.

How many days have you wasted worrying about something that didn’t even happen? How many hours have you robbed yourself of? So many times what we worry about doesn’t even manifest into reality.

People are bizarre as hell. So many people worry about things today which they won’t even remember next week or next month. For that reason, you need to focus on the now. Don’t worry about what’s coming up or what’s next, focus on what you are currently doing.

It’s like driving a car. You don’t worry about the next turn when you’re making the current turn. Therefore, you need to devote your mind to the now.

Now that you got some tips under your belt regarding how to kill worries, let’s focus on how to start living…

The best advice I can offer you when it comes to living is the following…

Become childlike and view the world to be one big playing field.

Become a kid again. Be curious and be bold. In addition, view the world to be a game, one big game. Your job is to succeed. Your job is to create an extraordinary life. You know how this game started (with your birth) and you know how this game is going to end (with your death), but in between life and death, you have the chance to play the game. You have the same chance that every human being who has lived before you and every single person who is going to come after you has; you have the chance to live life.

For that reason, you need to take advantage and truly get the most out of this game.

Like any game, you are bound to meet obstacles and challenges, but you need to find a way to beat the obstacle at hand. It’s just like any other game. Sure, you may get defeated at first, but you need to keep getting back up. Eventually, you’ll overcome the bump in the road and will end this game of life with your hand raised, standing in the winner’s circle.