Are You Strong Or Weak Minded?

“Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his¬†thoughts.” – Og Mandino¬†

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Simply put, the successful are strong minded and the unsuccessful are weak minded.

On this road to success, it’s apparent that your actions have to be in alignment with your goals and your desires. However, most of the time, we let our thoughts control our actions. Hence, if we’re feeling lousy or scared or doubtful, we fail to take the appropriate actions which have the potential to result in success.

On the other hand, the successful too feel these emotions. They too have doubts, fears, and days where they just don’t feel like getting out of bed. However, since they possess a strong mind, its mind over matter for them.

They let their actions diktat their thoughts. Regardless of how they feel, they take the required actions which result in the greatest payoff.

When others make excuses and put off things, they are out there working. It’s no surprise why they go on to blossom.

So with all of this stated, what are you, strong or weak minded?

Do you let your thoughts easily influence the course of your day? Or do you stick with what needs to be done and get it done by any means necessary?

The answer to this question determines a lot. It determines if you go on to fly or if you fall flat on your face.

The reality of the situation is the person who goes on to succeed is the one who takes massive action directed towards their goals and desires. If you fail to take action, you fail, point blank period.

As a result, you need to possess a strong mind.

Having a strong mind is detrimental to your chances of succeeding because there are going to be so many obstacles in your path which are intended to get you to stop pursuing your dream. From the naysayers to flat out roadblocks. You are bound to see it all.

Hence, only the strong continue and only the strong can weather the storm and make it through the dark days.

The weak will get destroyed, killed, beaten, and stomped on.

Success is not reserved for the weak minded.

Look at any successful person out there, from Donald Trump to Rihanna and you will notice that a strong mind is what got them to the place where they stand at today. They saw a lot of BS on their path to success, however they kept their head focused and they stuck with the actions that were going to make them great.

You simply have to do the same. Kill the weaknesses inside you and become strong. Become a warrior. Wake up each and every day ready to conquer the world. Don’t let the world beat you, instead beat the world.

Either you change the world or the world changes you.

When the world changes you, it does so by destroying your dreams and ambitions. Hence this is a price that you better not be prepared to pay. As a result, you need to remain focused and driven.

After every hurdle comes a brighter day. Keep your mind on your goals and keep it pushing.

Only the strong survive. All the BS you are bound to meet on your path to success is required because it wields out the weak from the strong. The only ones who make it through all the obstacles, problems, and challenges are the strong minded individuals so the question remains…

Will you stand up and fight or will you lie down and die?

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