If You Want To Succeed, Be Willing…

We live in a new day and age, what worked in the past isn’t necessarily going to work for you in the present.

Times have changed and a result you have to be willing to do what others refuse to do. In order to separate yourself from the herd, you have to adapt and you have to manoeuvre.

Simply put, you have to be willing…

1. Be willing to fail, BIG.

The level of success you accumulate in life is proportionate to the level of failure you can handle.

In order to succeed big, one must be prepared to fail big.

The reason why a lot of people don’t go on to become huge successes is because they cannot handle the failure that may come their way if they fail to reach their goals and desires.

When you dream big, you risk failing big.

However, it’s a risk worth taking. It’s the risk that separates the contenders from the pretenders, the pros from the amateurs, and the great ones from the average.

Hence, be willing to put yourself in the midst of failure and rejection.

2. Be willing to learn and unlearn.

“I find any great man, black or white, I’m going to study him, learn him so he can’t be great to me no more.”Tupac

Be willing to learn what you need to know. More importantly, be willing to unlearn all the BS that society conditioned you to believe.

Your mind paints your reality, hence shape and mold it.

If you feed it garbage, you will get garbage.

Input creates output.

Put in what you want to produce.

If you want your output to be characterized with greatness, feed your mind greatness.

3. Be willing to be misunderstood.

On the road to success, you’re going to be unique; you’re not going to be like the mediocre folks that surround you. As a result, they are not going to fully understand you and your type of thinking.

They are not going to see the importance behind your actions, however don’t waste time trying to make them understand, you have to be willing to be misunderstood.

Don’t try to change anyone else’s opinion of you, just do you and work away.

4. Be willing to be a pioneer.

Be willing to be the first. In life, we always look to others and follow suit, however you need to break free from this type of thinking.

Instead of following a path that was set for you by someone else, set and take your own path.

5. Be willing to embrace change.

Either you control change or change controls you.

Either you get with the change or you get left behind.

Always be adapting, always be improving. Never get consumed with your current reality. There is always room for change.

Shine light on the areas that need change and create change.

You are the master; you are at the controls so take charge.

6. Be willing to do what you got to do.

Be willing to fill the distance that lies between where you stand today and where you want to be tomorrow.

There are going to be days when you don’t feel like working, however you always have to do what you got to do.

It’s not a matter of what you feel; it’s a matter of what needs to be done.

7. Be willing to create instead of consume.

There are two types of people who make up this world, one party creates and the other party consumes.

Great people create, average people consume.

Right now you are probably a consumer, you consume from the great.

However, you need to make the transition from consumer to creator.

Instead of being a member of the masses, serve the masses.

8. Be willing to make mistakes.

Mistakes engrave lessons in the mind.

It is only when me mess up that we can see the light.

Stop trying to create the perfect masterpiece on your first attempt, be willing to F up at first.

When you see the perfect photo, watch the perfect movie, or hear the perfect song, you must realize that years of failure went into the product that you see before you.

Before they could create the perfect masterpiece, they had to learn and they did so by making mistakes.

9. Be willing to break rules.

Don’t become a product of society; instead make society a product of you.

There are rules and conventions that the masses abide by, however in order to become great, you have to do great things.

So don’t let rules paralyze you, some rules are meant to be broken.

Stretch the boundaries and go above and beyond the status quo.

10. Be willing to shape your own world.

Reality is what we perceive it to be.

You see the world differently than I do.

No two people see the world the same. We could look at the same thing, however our perceptions would differ.

As a result, paint your own reality. Create your own world.

Perception is reality.

Add what you want and delete what you can do without.

11. Be willing to continue when everything and everyone is telling you to stop.

90% of success is showing up and the other 10% is persisting.

Before you succeed, you must persist.

There are going to be obstacles in your path and people in your ear telling you to give it up, however you must remain strong and determined.

Don’t let the world break you.

Change the world; don’t let the world change you.

So the question that remains is…

Are you willing?