Success Or Balance?

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What do you want, success or balance? Rarely can you have both because success blossoms from imbalance not balance.

In life so many of us want to go on to achieve great things, but at the same time we want balance.

However, if you take a look at the great ones who truly left one hell of a legacy by doing remarkable things with their time, you’ll notice they lived a very imbalanced life.

Instead of work and play being separate, they kind of intermeshed because they loved what they did.

So the question I have for you is…

Do you want a balanced life or do you want to go down as one of the greatest to ever do it?

Balance or massive success? Make the call.

Great achievements are the result of rigorous practice. In order to accumulate massive success, you have to devote your time to the process.

You can become a success, if you simply put in the time. Unfortunately, so many of us refuse to do so. This is why average people remain average. Now there’s nothing wrong with this because the world needs average people. If it wasn’t for the average, the great ones wouldn’t stand out the way they do.

As a result, if you want your life to be filled with one extraordinary achievement after another, you have to be willing to live an imbalanced life.

The great ones spend a big chunk of their day perfecting their craft.

You think Michael Jordan had a balanced life in his early days? What about Michael Jackson? Bill Gates? Warren Buffett? Mark Cuban? Tupac Shakur? John D. Rockefeller?  Hell no.

When others were sleeping, they were working. When others were out partying, they were working. When others were watching TV, they were working. This is why they went on to succeed, while most of their peers remained in the same position their entire life.

The bottom line is there really isn’t a big difference between the legendary people who have blessed this earth and you. Instead, the only difference is they chose to live an imbalanced life whereas you are most likely living out a pretty balanced life.

How do you expect to succeed when you’re living a balanced life? Realize there is someone on this earth who has the exact same dream as you. That person’s life is characterized by an imbalance. He/she is spending every possible moment trying to make his/her dreams a reality, whereas what are you doing? Chilling out? For that reason, when you two come across each other and your dreams are on the line, who do you think is going to come out superior?

Therefore, if you want to change categories, you simply have to fill your days with more work.

Work leads to success.

Whether you’re working on your craft or yourself, keep itching and keep clawing away.

Now you may be wondering…

What the hell is the point of living out an imbalanced life?

Well for starters, you’ll get to experience life on a level that the average person cannot even fathom.

By becoming someone who is characterized with an elite status, you live life on a whole new level. You ultimately become a somebody and as a result you get to enjoy the perks that come along with this.

In my opinion, I see no point in living a balanced life. A balanced life is boring. Instead, I want to devote my time to achieving greatness. I want to be great. The only way to become great is by doing remarkable things. I want to go down as the greatest to ever do it so I refuse to let my life be characterized with the balanced spell. Instead, I get more pleasure when my days are characterized with an insane amount of work because that level of work transforms into massive accomplishments.

In addition, the reason why I believe the great ones are great and why they chose to live out an imbalanced life was because they had a deep enriched passion for what they were doing. Therefore, they got pleasure from it. As a result, it wasn’t really work. Instead, they were having the time of their life while simultaneously creating one hell of a life as well as one hell of a legacy. In my opinion, this is where you need to be because this is where all the great forces of life come together and in return create an extraordinary life.

It is apparent that this lifestyle is not for everyone. Like I stated before, mediocrity is reserved for the average and that legendary status is reserved for the ones who are willing to eat, breathe, sleep their craft. That’s all there really is to it. All I ask of you is to choose your calling, stick to it, and be the best you can possibly be.

Don’t let anything get in the way. It all comes down to your dreams. If you have big dreams, the way you shall go about achieving these dreams is by creating an imbalance in your life. The chances of you achieving big things in life while living a balanced life are slim.

Like I stated…

Imbalance = Greatness

Balance = Mediocrity

So it all comes down to you and your future. You can either live out an imbalanced life for a short period of time and reap the rewards later on as your future will be as bright as the lights in Vegas or you can settle for the balanced life. The choice is yours.