How to Become a Supreme Being

When I say supreme beings, I’m talking about the Michael Jordan’s of the world. People who have truly made an impact on the world that will remain for generations to come.

From billionaire entrepreneurs to world class rock stars.

Below are the seven traits that have transformed these ordinary beings into supreme beings.

1. Supreme beings are not task oriented, they are vision oriented

Average people are guided by tasks; supreme beings are guided by visions.

Supreme beings have a vision in their mind that replays over and over again, a vision that they want to desperately turn into reality.

Everything they do or don’t do is based off this vision.

For Michael Jordan it was the vision to win championship after championship and for Jay Z it was the vision to become a hip hop mogul.

Vision is essential.

Let your vision create your to-do list.

Don’t let tasks create your to-do list.

When you let your vision guide you, you begin to do REAL SHIT that will change the quality of your life. Shit that your future self will thank you for.

When you let tasks guide you, you do mediocre shit that you won’t even remember next week.

Huge difference.

So be vision oriented.

2. Supreme beings view the world as a hustle and themselves as the hustler

Life is just a game. Like with any game, there is a beginning and an end.

Birth is the beginning, death is the end.

The character in the game is you.

Your objective?

Push your life to the T-O-P.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Don’t settle, don’t fold, and don’t break.

Do what you got to do so you can be who you want to be.

Nothing comes to a waiting man.

You must be a train. Always be on the move. Always be hustling. Be a go getter and hustle for everything and settle for nothing.

This is how supreme beings approach the game that is life.

3. Supreme beings grind when the camera is off so they can shine when the light turns on

Greatness is the sum of small things done well over a period of time.

You want to be a supreme being? Grind it out.

Put in the hours.

There is no shortcut to becoming a supreme being.

You must pay the price and that price is hard fucking work.

Long hours, early mornings, and late nights must characterize your life if you desire to become a supreme being.

Michael Jordan didn’t just wake up as the Michael Jordan that we all know and love, he had to grind it out. First to practice, last to leave.

Richard Branson didn’t just become a billionaire over night, he paid the price. He ate, slept, bled the Virgin brand for decades on end.

You need to do the same with whatever profession that you are engaged in.

4. Supreme beings build their life around their dream

Normal people build their life around leisure time. They live for the weekends. Work is just something that one needs to do to survive.

That’s how they view it.

Supreme beings don’t think like this.

Instead they view life as a means to achieve their big, daring, and extraordinary dreams.

Their dreams are the central component to their life.

Everything around their dream is secondary and just serves as a mechanism that helps them achieve their dreams.

For Michael Jackson, his life was music.

For Wayne Gretzky, his life was hockey.

For Steve Jobs, his life was Apple.

Everything else was secondary.

5. Supreme beings have pig headed discipline

I mentioned that greatness is the sum of small things done well over a period of time.

Well in order for supreme beings to stick to the process for an extended period of time, they need discipline.

Not just any discipline, they need pig headed discipline and that’s exactly what they have.

Pig headed discipline that gets them up early and on the grind.

Pig headed discipline that puts work over partying. 

Pig headed discipline that keeps them going even though they are in pain.

Pig headed discipline that gets them to do what others refuse to do.

Pig headed discipline is the key, my friend.

6. Supreme beings have BIG cojones

Supreme beings are supreme because they have balls bigger than an elephants.

Taking risks is what they do.

Without risk, one can never become a supreme being.

Risk is required to transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

Get used to it.

Think like the supreme.

Think not about what will happen if you try and fail, but think about what will happen if you never try.

Can you afford to live your entire life without giving the ball a swing?

I bet not.

So risk what you have so you can get what you desire.

Doing anything less is equivalent to sentencing yourself to 25 to life in mediocre land.

7. Supreme beings never say die

It’s not easy to be a supreme being.

Supreme beings climb big mountains, undergo severe challenges, and experience tons of heartache.

But they never say die.

No matter what happens, they will overcome and they will rise.

It’s in their fucking DNA.

Quitting is for the average, not the great.

Quitting is for people who were never serious about their dreams in the first place, it’s not for people who eat, breathe, and sleep what they desire to achieve.

Quitting is for the weak, it’s not for you.

So be supreme, my friend.

Be fucking supreme.

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