These 10 Skills Will Bring You Money and Freedom

You won’t learn these skills in school. Sorry.

School teaches you how to survive.

These skills will teach you how to thrive.

How to turn $1 into $2. Repeatedly.

You’ll learn it.

But that’s not all.

You’ll also learn about people, about the world, about your place in it.

And when you do…

You’ll become self reliant.

Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing no matter where life takes you, no matter what happens, no matter where you end up, you’ll always have the skills you need to bring yourself back up.

Wouldn’t that mitigate your fear of losing?

Sure helps me.

And when you reach this level, nothing fucks with you.

Life moves up, life moves down.

Doesn’t matter, it’s all beautiful.

For you know how the end plays out and where your skills will take you.

And that’s why you should learn these 10 skills.

Not because they will make you $$$ (they will).

But because they will give you freedom.

From chaos, from stress, from worries, from fears.

Here are the 10 skills:

1. Salesmanship.

Every time two or more people communicate, selling takes place.

It could be selling ideas, products, dates, or where to eat lunch.

Doesn’t matter.

It’s all selling, it’s all persuading.

In fact, there isn’t a single INTERACTION where some form of selling is not occurring. Not one.


Cause good old economics tells us we’re all acting in our own self interests, trying to maximize individual gain.

If you’re acting in your best interests and I’m acting in my best interests, then what will happen when you and I communicate?

We’ll try to sell one another on why we should eat at this restaurant, watch that movie, do X activity, or buy Y product.

It happens every day.

But we don’t think of it as selling.

I do.

You should too.

Then you can maneuver through life with complete ease.

2. Moving People.

Those who can move people have the world in the palm of their hand.

It’s just the truth.

How can you move people?

To move people, you must stimulate people’s imagination.

To stimulate people’s imagination, you must be great at marketing.

What is marketing?

Getting the world to give a shit about you, your product, your movement, at scale.

I like to think of marketing as one-to-many.

Instead of having to knock on doors until your knuckles bleed, in an attempt to sell 1-on-1. You can craft a marketing message and put it out for the entire world, at once.

If they are moved by your message, they will throw money at you, they will bow at your feet, they will want you.

It’s inevitable.

This is how pawns turn into kings, presidents get elected, and small companies go from working out a garage to employing hundreds of thousands of people.

3. Negotiation.

I need to get better at negotiation.

You know who’s the best at negotiation?

Immigrant parents.

They don’t give a hoot. They’ll negotiate at the mall, corner store, dealership, furniture store, McDonald’s, wherever. It’s in their blood.

Me, on the other hand?

If something is $10, I’ll pay $10.

Go figure.

But I shouldn’t.

And you shouldn’t either.

You should get comfortable asking for 10% off.

Not because you need it.

But because you will get comfortable at asking.

This is a skill in itself.

Most don’t get what they want out of life.

Because they never ask for it.

Not knowing that life is just one big negotiation.

What you want, life will happily pay, if you just give it what it wants in exchange.

4. How to make friends.

You can either spend your life outsmarting people and breaking through walls. Or you can befriend the right people. And jump over obstacles.

I picked the former.

I thought I could out hustle others. And outsmart them.

This was a bad strategy.

I was making life hard for no reason.

The truth is…

Other people will move you towards your dreams a lot faster than shere work or mental effort. That’s why it’s important to network and befriend the right people.

To make friends, you must deliver value.

It’s the same rule in business.

He (or she) that delivers the most value, wins. Period. End of story.

5. Consumer behavior.

I’ve sold hundreds of thousands worth of services in a short period of time… with complete ease.

It’s not because I’m gifted.

It’s because I’ve read more books on neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral economics than I care to admit.

And because of this compounding knowledge, I learned a few profitable strategies.

Here’s one:

If you want to sell somebody, prove to them why what you’re offering is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT and why only YOU can deliver it and bring them closer to fulfilling their goals.

Re-read that.


It’s the key to $$$’s.

But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to go for it all, then you have to expand your knowledge of consumer behavior.

And you have to understand people on such a deep level that you can answer the following question:

“What do people want that they don’t even know they want yet?”

Answer that and the world is yours and everything in it.

After all, it’s the same question Steve Jobs answered, Bill Gates answered, Elon Musk answered.


I’m still working on my answer… *tries to cheat by looking at Mark Zuckerberg’s test paper*…

6. Strategic thinking.

You and I could have the same intelligence, same network, same education, same background, same talent, same circle of friends.

But one of us can soar, whereas the other will crumble.

What makes the difference?

The ability to think, strategically.

This has nothing to do with intelligence. (Some of the best strategic thinkers I know are labelled “idiots” by the world).

This has everything to do with how you see the world and approach tasks/projects/endeavors/pursuits.

7. Connecting Dots/Pattern Recognition.

You know what makes a master chess player, a true master?

Pattern recognition.

They have played a gazillion games. They have seen everything. Nothing is new. Every move has been played over and over and over again. It’s the same story. Same ending. They have learned. They have seen hundreds and thousands of outcomes. They have kept their ears open and their eyes wide. And they have absorbed.

Now their brain ‘automatically’ makes the right moves. Without thinking.

This is mastery at its finest.

And it happens in business too (it’s why Richard Branson has started 400 companies & Warren Buffet keeps getting richer).

Once you’ve mastered a particular skill or area, life slows down. The playing field gets bigger. And you’re able to make astronomical progress. It’s not even comprehensible. It’s crazy.

That’s why you need to pick your area and develop pattern recognition.

You need to be able to connect dots without trying.

Until it becomes a way of life.

8. Leadership

I was listening to a podcast and the following quote stuck out:

“If you can’t sell and you can’t lead, you’ll never be rich.”

It’s true.

Leadership is the most important skill.


If you’re a good leader, then you can hire people who are proficient in the other nine skills. You don’t have to possess them yourself. But leadership, you have to.

So start today.

Begin to lead yourself, lead your own life.

How well you lead yourself is directly correlated to how well you can lead others.

9. Working deeply.

Most people can’t work 20 consecutive minutes without being distracted.

This is why their life never takes off.

You need to be able to work 4 consecutive hours (a day) without any distractions. It’s how you get ahead. It’s how you learn. It’s how you become a killer.


Cause time stops, the world opens up, and you reach flow.

Once you do, you’re a gazillion times more productive.

And life becomes easy.

10. Laughing.

A man who can laugh at the world is one who has mastered his mind.

To laugh at the world is a skill.

One you must cultivate.

Until it’s your default state.

If somebody cuts you off in traffic and you’re not laughing…

If your boss fires you and you’re not laughing…

If rain turns into snow and your life gets worse than before and you’re not laughing…

You’re still at the mercy of life. You’re still getting pushed around.

Take a step back.

And laugh.

When you do, something strange will happen.

You’ll know when you felt it.

And life will never have the same meaning again.

Trust. Me. On. That.

My friend.

Tej Dosa
4:56 pm
Vancouver, BC