How To Think, Act, Feel Like A God

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If you want to achieve some major things in life, operating from God mode will really help you.

Before we focus on how to get in a state that resembles God mode, lets first define it.

What is God mode?

God mode is essentially when everything is going your way. You’re feeling good, you’re thinking right, and your actions are creating the results that you want.

Nothing can get in between you and what you desire.

You can do no wrong.

You approach every new endeavor with the thought of success. Fear of failure doesn’t even register in your mind.

Instead your mind is solely devoted towards success and hence in return you will succeed.

If you analyze the successful, you’ll realize that a lot of them operate from God mode.

After they achieve tremendous success, they attack new endeavors boldly. They make succeeding look easy. This is God mode at its finest.

This is where you need to work from. This is where you need to perform from.

God mode will result in you characterizing everything you do with a sense of excellence.

This is what I mean when I say, God mode.

So now lets shift perspectives and focus on how you can make this a reality.

How to operate from God mode

1. Competence

This is probably the most natural way. If you have succeeded in your past endeavors, you carry yourself with a sense of charisma that revolves around you being able to achieve anything you devote your mind to.

Hence you succeed.

Therefore in order to get into this state you should focus on building up your competence.

Succeed in other areas of your life so you can devote those feelings to something bigger.

For instance, succeed in your personal matters (ie. building lifelong bonds).

After you succeed in your personal matter and build up small successes, your mind will automatically be drawn to perform and in return capture success. Your mind will make success the only option.

This is what happens with the elite.

They have succeeded time and time again and in return they have gotten to the point where their mind doesn’t even register the thought of failing. This is the highest level of God mode.

Of course, this takes some time so some other tips that you can put to action right now are included below…

2. Get rid of all the negativity that surrounds your life

Whether it’s people, thoughts, or actions. Eliminate. Eliminate. Eliminate.

You probably don’t realize the importance this holds, but just trust me and do it.

You will totally transform your life and in return you’ll be feeling like a God.

If you can’t eliminate people from your life all together, try to limit your contact with them.

You’ll truly realize the amount of power you hold after you remove yourself from the presence of negative people and negative thinking.

3. Do things that fulfill you

Fulfillment and God mode go hand in hand. When you earn fulfillment, you are drawn to seeking even more fulfillment.

This feeling of fulfillment is the same feeling you get when you are working from God mode.

So always strive to do things that you love to do and to hang out with people that make you feel good.

4. Be fearless

Approach everything in your life with a sense of fearless. Take on this approach and you’ll be amazed at what you can truly accomplish. This one might just be the biggest tip.

By being fearless, you take actions that have a higher chance of ending up in success.

A lot  of people play it safe and hence their life is characterized with mediocrity.

But if you make bold moves, you’ll achieve some really big things in life.

5. Don’t get discouraged

This is another big tip. When you first start out, you’re probably going to be dealt with some cold realities. The key is to keep progressing. Never quit. Be bold. Remain firm. Give it everything you have.

A simple tip to remember is to let everything you do be characterized with a sense of excellence. If you aren’t giving it your all, you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

Give it your all no matter what the task. Build up this habit of excellence.

This habit of excellence will in return make you a God in no time.