Why Thinking Positive Works

Ask a successful person for a few pointers on what it takes to become successful and majority of them will hit you with the same line, “attitude is everything, you have to think positive.” If this is the advice that many people receive then why is it that more people are not successful? Does thinking positive really work? Or is thinking positive just a big old scam designed to cover up the true reasons behind someones success?

Although the answers to these questions are subjective and can be pondered for ages, the facts on the other hand are stable and concrete. Thinking positive works. Compare a person who thinks positively to a person who is a pessimist and the person who comes out superior will be the former. Psychological research has proven this to be the case countless times.

Why Does Thinking Positive Work?
The reason behind why thinking positive works can be understood from a psychological viewpoint. From the eyes of psychologist who have conducted many studies all bearing the same result, thinking positive in the midst of negative situations and circumstances keeps our bodily arousal in check. Boom, that statement alone sums up the reason behind why this phenomenon works.

However, in order to fully understand why thinking positive works we need to look at the flip side.

What Does Thinking Negatively Do To Us? 
When one thinks negatively in the midst of negative situations and circumstances this results in our bodily arousal becoming out of control and our body simultaneously releases stress hormones.

The release of these stress hormones adds fuel to the negative situation at hand and actually makes the situation much worse. Being a pessimist creates a much darker reality due to the release of stress hormones. 

In order to truly understand the effect these stress hormones has on you, recall a time in your life when you were really stressed. Well this situation of yours was the result of your stress hormones running wild. Therefore, stress is in a way created by being a pessimist. 

Majority of people who stress a lot and are depressed are pessimist.

On the other hand, a person who is optimistic keeps these stress hormones from being released and in return prevents stress from overtaking their mind and body.

It’s really as simple as that. You are the creator of your internal states and you ultimately choose how you think and feel. You can either be a pessimist and continue to fuel the fire or you can step back and find the light in the dark situation at hand.

While we are on the subject of thinking positively an additional benefit is it is really helpful to your immune system and actually prevents you from becoming sick. On the other hand, thinking negatively results in you becoming sick more times. I won’t go into detail regarding why, but it’s very similar to the stress hormone factor.

With all this understood, you should aim to become a much more optimistic person.

However, the process of becoming a person who is very optimistic does not happen over night. It takes effort and willpower. Slowly, but surely build up your level of optimism. The road to becoming a positive person is reached by defeating and overcoming every negative thought. It takes time. However,  by knocking out each negative thought and replacing it with a positive one the optimistic within you will naturally spring out and show his/her true colors.

After all, your breathing, so what possible reason could there be to be so negative? Just remember, no matter what it is you are going through, it could have been worse.