How To Make The Thought Of Death Your Best Friend

The thought of death is known to trigger pain in many. The simple thought of imagining the world without your presence and seeing life go on usually creates some negative emotions in most. Death is unavoidable so all this thinking is not constructive at all. Everyone has to die and since death is inevitable the successful use this thought that so many of us have and use it to fuel their fire. They use it to live life to the fullest.

Hence each and everyone of us has a choice. You can either let the thought of dying cripple you and keep you down and out and without the life of your dreams or you can let this thought as fuel to fly up and above. To reach the stars and conquer the world. You have probably heard the old saying, “the choices you make in life determine where you go” well this choice is no exception. The choice you make right here and right now will determine the rest of your life because this albeit simple choice will affect your mindset.

Therefore, choose wisely.

Now that you have made your choice and if your like most people you have probably opted for the second choice, however it’s much easier said than done. It’s easy to say that your going to let the thought of dying motivate you, however once you begin thinking and your emotions get all tangled up it can be hard to accomplish this so lets focus on how the successful do it.

How To Make The Thought Of Dying Your Best Friend

The process of making the thought of death a positive and not a negative can be roughly broken down into three steps.

The three steps are all to be performed mentally since it’s really just a new way of thinking and it’s a way to confront your mortality.

The steps are further emphasized by the aid of a few quotes from Robert Greene who is the author of some marvelous books including the The 50th Law in which an entire chapter was devoted to this topic and hence the following quotes come from that great book which I highly recommend you get your hand on.

Step 1. Accept That You Are Not Going To Live Forever

Most people live in delusion. They do not even let the thought of death worry them, instead they act as if they have all the time in the world, hence this mentality begins to rub off on their mindset and in return it affects their actions as they begin to put off things for tomorrow which can be easily completed today.

“Life is short. When your young, you don’t think that. You think you have all the time in the world. That you can waste time and things will happen and maybe in five or ten years you will get your act together or whatever. You don’t realize that the days fly by and any moment your life could end. You know your mortal and your days are numbered.”

Accept this as fact and live with it. Stop living in the perfect world and deceiving yourself.

Step 2. View Your Days As Being Numbered As A Positive

If you can learn to view this as a positive you will go very far. If you realize that any day you can disappear you will put more work into making your dreams a reality TODAY instead of pushing it off till tomorrow.

“It’s actually, to think about it deeply, is a very good thing. It’s a warriors mindset; it’s the art of thinking that a bullet can hit you at any time now. What it translates to is that you have to make the most of every moment. You have to have a sense of urgency and dedication to you so that you make the most of these hours and days. So you know that you have…to put it simply…if you die tomorrow will you be satisfied? Did you have the life that you wanted? Did you reach your goals?”

Step 3. Take On The Warrior Way Of Thinking And View Yourself With Your Back Against The Wall

Live each day as if your back is against the wall and you will come out superior. Live each day as if this was going to be the only day of your life so in return aim to make the most out of it. Cherish life and live it up. Take the necessary steps to start making your dreams a reality right now instead of later. Sure you have a plan and all, but it’s time to put that plan to work.

“If you think that way then you will probably start thinking more of today. It can be very energizing to be aware of your mortality and I think people avoid it. Then they waste a lot of time and they actually secretly get quite depressed because they are not confronting something very basic, and in the war book I make it clear in a different way. Armies fight better when their backs are against the wall. They know if they don’t fight like hell they will all die. So this is how you have to think about yourself in life. If you don’t fight like hell, you’re in trouble.”

Lesson: Live for today. As hard as it may seem, realize that tomorrow you may not be here, regardless of how old you are. You’ve heard countless stories of youngsters getting their life taken away from them all too young so don’t let age play a matter in this. Realize that your days are numbered so you have to live for today and give everything you have day in and day out. Accept this and move on. You are a walking dead man/woman. At any moment you can go. So work now and live now. If there’s something you been putting off for awhile, DO IT TODAY. In fact, stop reading and go out and do it right now.

If you begin to take on this way of thinking you will realize that you are getting much more out of your days and you are truly living life to the fullest and that is what life is all about.