Take Time To Remember Why You Started This Journey

One can get easily sidetracked on this journey.

Life can get awfully tough and it can in return take the passion and desire right out of you.

It happens every single day.

A person starts out with a heart filled with ambition, however somewhere down the line, life gets unbearable and hence they throw in the white towel.

Too many dreams end because people let life beat them.

People let their current reality prevail over the reality that they are pursuing.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone feels like giving up every now and then. However, the successful continue to push on in spite of these feelings, whereas the mediocre break down.

Therefore, this article serves as a reminder to keep going.

So if you are down and out and feel like giving up, don’t do it because you have a million and one reasons to keep going.

If you need a reason to keep going, I’ll provide you with one. In fact, I’ll provide you with five…

1. Your family.

You got people counting on you. You got people you need to provide for. You got people you need to look after.

If you stop pursuing your dream, you are giving up all hope of creating a better future for not only yourself, but your loved ones as well.

You can’t let the bumps in the road get in between you and success.

Your family deserves an extraordinary, not an ordinary life and you are the one who is going to bring this extraordinary life to the light so keep pushing.

2. The people that doubted you.

Are you going to stop and let the naysayers win?

Are you really?

Are you going to give them the satisfaction of saying, “See I told you, you were never going to achieve your dream.”

If you stop pursuing your dream, they win.

It’s over for you.

You cannot let the naysayer and the doubter win.

Instead use their words as fuel.

Let their words motivate you to take your life to the T O P.

One of the greatest joys in life is the one that comes with proving people wrong.

Unfortunately, you will never receive this joy if you quit now.

As a result, you got a bunch of people to prove wrong so keep pushing.

3. The ones that look up to you.

When you win, you inspire others to win.

You either have children of your own or nephews and nieces that look up to you.

Not only do these children look up to you, but they base what they are going to do off of what you do.

Therefore if you dream big and conquer the world, you inspire them to do the same.

Unfortunately, if you quit pursuing your dream, you send them a message that implies,“Hey don’t chase your dreams because you’ll never succeed, instead give up on your dreams and settle for something safe and comfortable like I did. We are not the ones who create an extraordinary life, only special people do and we are not special.”

Is that the message you want to send?

I bet not.

You got tons of people looking up to you and their future is in your hands so don’t let them down.

4. All the time that you have devoted to your dream.

Do you remember all the blood, sweat, and tears that you gave to your dream?

All the times that you mustered up the energy to continue.

All the times that life beat you to the ground, but you managed to get back up.

If so, you have to continue because it’s too late to give up now.

You’re too far gone.

If you stop now, you won’t see no reward for all the work that you put in.

The only way to get a reward for your trials and tribulations is if you keep it moving towards the winner’s circle.

5. Yourself.

Do it for yourself.

You only have one life.

You owe it to yourself to characterize your life with excellence.

Greatness is upon you and it awaits your arrival, don’t quit now.