Top 3 Distractions To Cut Out Of Your Life

The simplest way to increase your productivity is to cut out distractions. The thing about distractions however is our mind usually deceives ourselves into believing we need to do something because we owe it to ourselves or in order to relax. Self deception at its finest. Hence although people know that doing certain activities is destructive they still continue to do them because they feel this tension inside and feel obligated to it. Therefore the way to go about cutting out distractions from your life is to neutralize that internal tension which can be done one step at a time.

Before we get to the how to, lets focus on what are the top three distractions you should aim to cut out of your life in order to greatly increase your productivity.

If you are not serious about becoming a better you and getting more done in less time it may be in your best interest to stop right here. However continue reading if you want to greatly increase your productivity.

Top 3 Distractions To Eliminate

1. Television– The single greatest distraction there is. The television will keep your dreams just that, dreams. If your addicted to the television you really have to work on reducing the time you spend watching television. There is no bigger activity than watching television which robs you of your greatest asset, time.

If you were ever granted the opportunity to look at a successful person in action or even had the chance to take a glimpse at their schedule you were probably amazed at the amount of work they get done in one day. Well what the successful do is they work on a 24 hour clock. They go hour by hour and try to get the most out of their days.

Whereas the average person works on a weekly schedule, monthly schedule, and some even work on a yearly schedule. Hence it is obvious that those who do not work on a 24 hour clock are much more inclined to give into distractions since it is much easier to put off things for tomorrow by rationalizing and making statements such as “heck I have a whole week to get this done.”

The successful do not have this luxury if you can call it that and instead they only have today to complete something so they go hard day in and day out. Hence you will rarely see the schedule of a successful person filled with distractions such as watching television.

The successful take on the mindset of spending their time as an investment. What I mean by this is they expect to earn a return where ever they put their time. For instance, some invest their time into building businesses which in return rewards them for their sweat equity, on the other hand the average person continues to put their time where they do not earn a return such as watching television. If you take on this mentality of seeing the time you put into something as an investment then you will only engage in activities that produce a return and hence you will never waste another day of your life again.

How To Cut Out The T.V. 

The key to this like anything in life is to take it slow. If your a big t.v. consumer it is very unlikely that you will be able to cut it out of your life completely overnight hence you need to slowly ease into it. Limit yourself. The first step in this process is to assess where you are. How many hours of T.V. do you watch on a daily (on average)? After you find the answer to this begin to reduce the number of hours by thirty minutes every day and before you know it you will have slowly eased into no t.v. at all. The key after you have accomplished this obviously is to invest that time into something meaningful. Don’t just substitute t.v. for something else that is unproductive.

2. Gossip

Gossiping robs you more than it robs the person you are gossiping about. Never talk bad about anyone else. It messes you up psychologically. You do not want your mind to be characterized with the traits that come along with gossiping. You may be thinking, hey great thing since I never gossip, however you are no better if you hang around people who are constantly gossiping. Surrounding yourself with gossipers is toxic. That mentality will soon begin to rub off onto you and before you know it you will be running up to people and saying, “Hey Tommy, did you hear what so and so did…”

How To Eliminate Gossip

The first step is to stop surrounding yourself with people who always gossip. This might be hard to do if these people are your dearest friends. If this is the case than the next alternative is to quickly change the topic whenever gossip arises. Shift their focus onto something else. Keep doing this and get them away from gossiping.

On the other hand, you need to quit this habit if you are the one who is always gossiping. You need to stop acting like a darn reporter. The best way to do this is to only focus on the positive sides of people. Completely ignore the negative. Always seek the good.

If you’ve ever hung around successful people you will notice that they do talk about other people. In fact they do it A LOT. However, they only talk about the good. They don’t dwell on the negatives. They talk about the good in order to motivate themselves and push themselves up to new heights.

3. Doubters– The naysayers might just be the worst distraction to keep around. These peoples sole job is to get your eyes off the prize. Their job is to keep you from accomplishing your dreams. They are the most deadly and toxic people you can ever be with. You have to escape from these peoples presence at all costs. The reason why so many have never accomplished their dreams is because whenever they hit some obstacle they gave into whatever the doubters were saying. They listened to them and they began to question themselves which ruined whatever chance they had to make it big. Hence GET AS FAR AWAY FROM DOUBTERS AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN.

The unfortunate part is that doubters are usually those who you spend the most time with. Doubters are your family members, your friends, and your close associates. Therefore completely eliminating yourself from them is really tough. With that said, you should aim to reduce the amount of time you spend with them. Limit your time and seek out new great influences and neutralize this effect. By surrounding yourself with positive people the words that come from the mouths of  doubters will not stop you and in return will just motivate you.