Top 3 Reasons Why Average People Rarely Become Legendary

This is one of the main questions that come to my mind when thinking about the question: Why do only a select few average people become legendary? By legendary I mean leaving a legacy that will be honored for centuries to come. The reasons can be pin pointed down pretty easily and hence if you can avoid  them and in return pledge to do the opposite then you have ultimately increased your chances of becoming legendary.

1. Lack of Belief
If you think you cannot become legendary then you have fallen victim to the first reason behind why average people never reach legendary status. They simply do not think they can leave a legacy that will result in them living on well after their last breathe. It’s pretty hard to make something come true if you do not believe in it. The foundation for any dream regardless of size is belief not only in yourself, but in your abilities to make it a reality. If you think you are going to do great things in life that will build up your legacy in the hearts of millions then you are bound to do excellent things. Simple as that. Your beliefs direct you in certain directions. Your beliefs are like your heart. People (me included) usually say “follow your heart” well what they usually mean is follow what you believe in. Well if you believe you can become legendary then this should move you towards making that dream come true.

2. Excuse Makers
The next reason why average people never get their name mentioned up in lights is because they make too many excuses and complain way too much. We all have that one friend that is constantly talking shit about why he/she couldn’t do something or why something is unlikely to work. Before you even get your idea on to the table this person will shoot it down. Legendary status is rarely achieved by pessimist. As far as excuses this is not the way to go. You have to take responsibility. You have to put your fuck ups onto your own shoulders and carry the load instead of transferring the weight to someone else. The habit of prompting to make excuses and complaining seems easy to overcome on paper, but it really takes time to conquer. Some of us function like robots and we aren’t even aware that we are complaining. For others excuses is just a way of life. You have to consciously focus on kicking this habit.

3. Don’t Focus on Mastery
The last reason, possibly the most important one regarding this matter is they do not focus on mastering one thing. They jump profession to profession like I stated in yesterdays article. Legendary status is only achieved once you become a master in something. The reason why Michael Jordan’s name will always be remembered is due to the fact that he mastered the game of basketball. He put his blood, sweat, and tears into perfecting his game. Whether that meant being the last person to leave the court or hitting up the weight room twice a day. He was simply willing to do things that the average person was not. Therefore he was granted rewards that the average person can not even fathom.

Well those were the three reasons behind why the average person remains average. You can overcome this by staying away from these reasons that cause many people to stay in mediocrity their whole damn life. If your discouraged and think that the process to have your name remembered well after you are gone seems impossible, think of it like this. Every legendary person such as Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, and Warren Buffet just to name a few all started out as average individuals. The way they differentiated themselves and became someone to be remembered was they devoted themselves to their craft, they had an intense belief in changing the planet and lastly when shit went wrong they manned up and took responsibility. In this way they were the creators of their own destiny. They had the paint brush in their own hands and they decided to paint a legendary portrait. Each day you to are granted a paint brush, what you decide to paint is up to you…