Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Confidence

Confidence is a key factor in not only success, but in life in general. Confidence is what gets you the job at work or that date with the girl you’ve been attracted to for quite some time. Confidence is either a make or break trait. Many people lack confidence so it is a must that you work on increasing your confidence level. Confidence is the ability to stand strong and true to who you are. Without saying confidence is detrimental to success in any endeavor. Therefore, below are some simple, yet effective ways to give your confidence a quick boost (without the use of alcohol ha ūüôā ).

Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Confidence 

1. Have Fun– ¬†Simply enjoy yourself and do activities that you enjoy doing. Have fun, you only live life once as you have heard a billion and one times, but it’s true. Not only will you see your confidence level increasing when you are having a great time, but your happiness and fulfillment should rise¬†simultaneously¬†as well.

If you strive to seek out activities that are rich in fulfillment your confidence cannot help, but rise. Not only is it exillerating to do fun activities, but you’ll be increasing your confidence level as well. The reason why this works is because when we are having fun something different starts to occur in our body. Different chemicals start to be released. It’s really all biology based, which I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know much about, but these chemicals increase your level of confidence, in one way or another. Ha, let’s just leave it at that.

2. Hang Out With Fun/Positive People– This is yet another simple tip. In fact all these tips are simple as hell because I find that the simplest tips have the greatest impact because they are so easy to implement.

If you create a fun opportunistic nature which you surround yourself with you will notice that your level of life will increase which in return will boost your confidence. A rule of thumb here is if you really want to sky rocket your confidence than find some fun caring people who are CONFIDENT themselves. This will probably have the greatest effect on your confidence level.

3. Try New Things– By trying new things you are out of your comfort zone which puts your body on the edge. By doing so you become adaptive to new things which results in you becoming a much more stronger individual overall. Not only is this an effective way to increase your confidence, but it’s fun as hell.

Try to do something new every month. Start off with slow things since humans are usually not to adaptive to change at the beginning and than rise the stakes a little bit. Have fun with it.

4. Work On Your Body– We all have a million and one reasons why we hate our bodies ha. Well as the old saying goes, “when you look good, you feel good.” So I urge you to get out there and start hitting the gym. Or do something simple such as just go for a jog every couple of days. Just get your body in check, this also will yield tremendous effects on your confidence level.

5. Do Things Your Good At– This one is great for increasing your confidence level in the workforce. We all have strengths and weaknesses and the ultimate confidence killer is to do things that focus on our weaknesses. So I recommend that you forget all about your weaknesses and nurture your strengths. By doing things that you are good at, you will begin to feel good about yourself which in return should give a kick to your confidence.

Well those were the simplest confidence boost tips ever ha, but they truly do work. The beauty of these tips is they can all work for you simultaneously which should dramatically increase your confidence. So I encourage you to apply all these tips to yourself and let your confidence level reach new heights.