You Are Trapped And You Don’t Even Know It

The scariest thing about your life is you could be trapped. But that’s not the scary part, the scary part is you could be trapped without knowing you are trapped.

You could be in so deep that you consider it to be normal. You consider it to be the way life works. However, in reality, it could all just be a fucking trap.

You could spend your entire life trapped in the quicksand.

What is the quicksand, you ask?

The quicksand is when you are living with feet that reside in the sand.

Have you ever tried to walk in the quicksand?

Do you know the feeling of your feet getting sucked up in the sand?

That’s the quicksand, my friend.

Look around you. This is home for the masses.

This is the home that society conditioned you to call your own.

Make no mistake about it, you’re not living your life, you’re living the life that society led you to believe was the life you wanted to live.

The purpose of society is to brainwash and mold you so they can control your every step.

The one and only pure moment you have is when you are first brought into this earth.

After you take your first breath, the controlling begins.

Well meaning parents that were brainwashed by society begin to brainwash their children, without even knowing they are brainwashing their child.

By doing so, they bash the creative spirit right out of the child, the creative spirit that we are all born with.

By the time the child becomes an adult, he/she is already broken, already defeated.

The child never stood a chance to wreak havoc on the world.

All the child’s dreams, aspirations, and ambitions have been sucked right out of him and have been replaced with mediocre lies and realities.

So what else is he to do but to get a job that he despises for the money?

Instead of building up the child’s confidence, the parents and schools inadvertently taught the child that he sucks and he will always suck.

How do you expect him to go on to achieve massive success?

If you kill a child’s mentality instead of building it, you destroy the child’s future.

This is the problem that leads people to live a life in the quicksand.

A life characterized with a lack of belief, confidence, and boldness.

This is the issue that I’ve been fighting my entire life.

My parents were great parents. They were immigrants who came to Canada and busted their ass, every single day, for decades on end. My dad worked 16 hour days for seven years straight.

That’s hustle. That’s spirit. That’s sickening work ethic.

That’s something that I will always respect and admire.

But when it came to building their children up, they didn’t do such a great job…because they didn’t know any better.

It’s not their fault, they raised us just like their parents raised them.

Instead of encouraging my siblings and I, they would doubt and criticize us. They led us to believe that we weren’t capable…so we believed them.

Instead of preparing us for the world, they sheltered us from the world so I grew up shy and fearful of what the world would bestow on me.

My parents would make statements such as, “How is this kid (me) going to even graduate high school?”

Then they would laugh.

This pissed me off.

I would spend most of my free time in my room, on the computer, alone.

If you’ve been doubted your entire life as a child, you will begin to believe what you’re hearing to be correct even if it’s not.

I was brainwashed…so I acted in accordance with my parent’s expectations.

For the longest time, I didn’t excel at sports, schools, or relationships.

I wasn’t even sub par.

I was below average.

When a family gathering happened, you could find me hanging out with my little cousins instead of people my own age. I didn’t want to hang out with people my age because I viewed them to be superior.

The only thing I enjoyed growing up was surfing the web.

Luckily, the web was where I found my escape.

By browsing the web, I started to come across stories of successful people who grew up in very dysfunctional environments. Environments that made my childhood look like sunshine and rainbows.

So I started to read their stories.

I read all of the autobiographies I could possibly get my hands on.

By reading, I learned that these folks were doubted a hundred times more than me, yet they still made it to the t-o-p.

How the fuck did they do it?

The answer was simple, yet powerful.

They were masters at controlling their mentality.

Their inner voice was far superior than the voices that came from their external environment.

They refused to let negative remarks paint a negative reality.

The moment I realized this, I felt different.

I felt as if I was driving the car called my life, instead of sitting in the driver’s seat…and that’s when everything started to change.

By taking control of my own thoughts and my own attitude, I began to believe in myself.

When others said no, I told myself YES a hundred times louder.

By carefully choosing my external environment and monitoring the thoughts and reactions I had to my thoughts, I began to change.

I began to excel in academics, sports, and in social settings.

More importantly, I realized the one thing you need to know before you can escape the quicksand…

You are the driver of the car called life.


I’m no longer trapped in the quicksand. I see the world for what it is now.

I see that life is an uphill battle.

On this journey, society will try to keep you at bay. They will push you backwards. You take one step forward and they will send you two steps back.

This is where your mentality comes into play.

You are responsible for yourself.

You are responsible for your thoughts and the reactions you have to your thoughts.

No one can fill you with doubt and fear without your permission.

View yourself to be a one man army full of positive spirit.

If you have to delude yourself, fucking do it.

You see, my friends, we are all born with great potential, however somewhere down the line, someone tells us no, someone doubts us, someone shuns us and because we don’t know any better, we believe them.

We believe that we aren’t capable of succeeding on a global stage.

We believe that we aren’t fit for massive success.

But, my friend, this is simply not the case.

You are fit for massive success and you are enough exactly as you are. You don’t need to change the essence of who you are. It doesn’t matter how fucked up or how crazy you think you are, you are enough as you are.

The moment you realize this is the moment you begin to escape the quicksand. The moment you realize this is the moment you stop living a watered down life.

The quicker you realize this, the quicker the rest of your life will change.

That’s it for today.

Peace and see you on the other side.

And before I go, to all the parents reading this…

Please stop breaking your children’s spirit. Thank you.