The Ultimate Self Improvement Guide

I was scared to enter my home.

I would tiptoe across the living room while holding my breath. I was afraid I would wake him up. I always woke him up. No matter how careful or how I silent I was.

He would scream and yell. Times were tough. And the easiest target to leech onto was me, the youngest. I knew this. Even as a kid, I knew this. And so I always hid in my room. Scared to come out. Scared to eat in his presence. Scared to do anything in his presence. He always found fault. He always raised his voice. He always made me feel like shit and unworthy of love and acceptance.

But it wasn’t just me.

He beat my sister once.

She coloured all over his business plan. And he hit her over and over again. I watched her scream and cry and yell out for help, but I couldn’t do anything to stop him. The look in his eyes looked like he was possessed. She never coloured anything again. Not even a colouring book.

I knew it wasn’t supposed to be like this.

The next sentence I’m a little embarrassed to type but it got so bad that I illegally downloaded books on parenting and I decided to raise myself. I was twelve and naive. I know it sounds dumb. I know I sound like a lunatic. But that’s what I did. I became the parent and the kid.

And I haven’t stopped raising myself since.

Life is funny. It’s full of dark moments and a little light. But the little light makes all the dark moments worth it. And all my dark moments were made worth it. Somewhere between the age of twelve and fifteen, I devised the ultimate plan for self improvement. It changed me and helped me grow into the person I am today. Better yet, it still helps me to this day as it helps me grow into the person I desire to be tomorrow.

You won’t find the plan outlined in any self help book. You won’t find it in any motivational video on Youtube.

Nope. I devised this plan after learning at the feet of those who conquered the world.

Before I present to you the plan, I need to give you the equation for massive fucking success.


That’s it.

I wish I learned this formula earlier than I did because I spent the better half of my life only working on one side of the equation. I thought all you needed to do was find the right opportunity and exploit it. But I was wrong. There were opportunities all around, but the reason I couldn’t achieve massive success was because I was just another clone. I was just like everyone else. I wasn’t the right person for the job. I was just another name in a city full of nobodies.

The ultimate self improvement plan below is intended to make you the right person for the job so you can more readily spot out and exploit opportunities.

Below is the plan. I hope you enjoy it and find it to be valuable. I hope it saves you. And inspires you to change directions. Like it did for me.

Avoid learning via conventional education. Learn by becoming the person who embodies all walks of life.

A mob of people waved machetes at me as they walked towards my car.

My mom freaked out.

If they come to you, “tell them this isn’t our car.”

“But mom.”

“Tell them this isn’t our car.”

Her eyes left no room for disagreement.


I looked at the car that was no longer our car and it was broken. Glass was everywhere. The pavement was full of all the clothes I had just bought. Fake Gucci and Boss and Versace all sprinkled on the concrete. A shirt here and a shirt there. It attracted the attention of the barbarians.

The barbarians aren’t too fond of tourists.

I couldn’t do anything. I stood and watched helplessly as they walked over with machetes in hand while they swept up the clothing from the ground.

They laughed as they looked me in the eye.

I cursed them out silently while grinding my teeth. But I wasn’t brave or stupid enough to stop them. They robbed me of all my stuff and ran in all separate directions with it. Somewhere right now there is a savage with no food to eat but Gucci hugging his bare back.

Aside from getting robbed, I worked on farms. I milked a cow or two. I picked blueberries. I worked in construction. I lived in third world countries for three months at a time. I lived in the slums with the poor. I befriended criminals. I worked in corporate settings. I went days without eating. I was forced to bribe police officers. I created multiple cash flow businesses. I rubbed shoulders with drug dealers who were making $20 million a year. I spent days with homeless people. I shook hands with billionaires. I saw heads detached from lifeless bodies. I failed at launching multiple start ups. I saw loved ones get put six feet under. I flipped burgers. I visited countries in the middle of nowhere. I invested in real estate. I moved hostel to hostel. I visited all the different places of worship. I travelled via horses and camels. I created products. I sold products. I performed stand up. I wrote unpublished books and novels. And I consulted companies and small businesses.

I didn’t learn shit in school. Everything I learned came from the experiences outlined above. Experiences I underwent before the age of 21.

Lesson: If you desire to possess a conventional mind, get a conventional education.

Conventional minds don’t achieve massive success. Conventional minds don’t inspire change.

Unconventional minds change the face of mankind. The only way to build an unconventional mind is to gain unconventional experience. You need to be different. You must subject yourself to unconventionality and all the chaos and danger that comes with it. Unconventional experiences will make you see things differently and that’s the foundation on which your massive success will be built on.

Practical tips: Travel the world. Surround yourself with people from different cultures. Take on bizarre jobs. Live in different countries. Watch foreign films. Read fiction books to feed your imagination. Keep a journal to document your adventures. Be homeless for a day. Do stuff other people aren’t doing. Make a list of 10 unconventional experiences and follow it. Learn a new language. Do shit that scares you. Take on weird hobbies.

And oh…

Stop giving a fuck if it aligns with your career goals or whatever bullshit they fed you, just experience for the sake of experiencing. It will all align and make sense in the end.

 Learn to love work 

I hated work. And so I made the decision to be homeless.

I sat on the corner with my hand out.

I’ll tell you why I did it, but first let me tell you what I saw from the eyes of a bum.

I watched the world move by me. They didn’t notice me. They were too preoccupied with their world.

Busy with school, work, and the stressors of daily life. I saw businessmen with eyes full of stress as they ran frantically to their next meeting. I saw teenagers carrying backpacks bigger than their tiny bodies. I saw groups of friends, laughing and taking in the sun. That was cool.

But alone I sat.

I sat with a look of discomfort. No one cared. No one helped. No one had time to talk to the bum on the side of the dirt paved road.

Wait. I lied.

A little girl in a yellow dress stopped. She waved. I waved back, but she never saw it. Her mom gripped her hand tighter and forced her to walk faster. She was gone. I was left alone.

I watched the people move by me. No one made eye contact. I didn’t try making eye contact either. I was afraid I would recognize someone who knew me. 

I just sat with my hand out. Looking at nothing in particular.

The hours passed, my stomach growled, I got up, and I left. I looked into the hat my hand held out and I counted $0.75.

The experiment was over.

What did I achieve and why did I do such a bizarre thing?


I wanted to prove to myself that I was living a lie.

I had spent the last month living with my hand out. Waiting for the world to take notice. Waiting for the world to bestow on me the blessings I thought I deserved.

The blessings never came so I got fed up and went and sat on the side of the street with my hand out. I do weird shit, I know. But I did it because I wanted to prove to myself that this isn’t how the world works.

No one cares about you. It’s not sad or bad, it’s life. Everyone has their own problems and issues. You are just a clog in the assembly line. That’s all.

The world will never take notice if you just sit there with your hand out.

The world only helps you when you help yourself.

That’s what I learned. I knew that already, but I just wanted to reinforce it. I wanted to reinforce the notion that one should never live on his knees. One should be a force in life, not a passive viewer who lives with his hand out.

As the people walked past me without a care, the lesson became apparent. I learned what I needed to know.

I put my hand back into my pocket and I walked home.

Vowing to only use the hand for work and nothing else.

No more looking for hand outs. I’ve lived far too many days with my hand out.

Make the world respect you. Make the world take notice.

I jotted that down in my notebook and smiled.

Make the world take notice or die trying. I’m not dead yet so I guess I’ll spend the day before me trying.

This is the only way. The only way I know.

After my homeless experience, I learned to value and love work. Even when I was working a shitty job that made my penis soft, I focused on the positives, I focused on the good things about the gig. And it kept me sane.

Lesson: Excel at physical work and build stamina. Excel at mental work and be flexible and tough. You’re going to have to work to make it so fall in love with the work and become one with it.

Practical tips: Take a few weeks or months off from work and do absolutely nothing. I took two months off and didn’t do nothing. Absolutely nothing. I would wake up at 12 and would proceed to piss away the day. I did it because I wanted to change my attitude towards work. Doing nothing for two months made me realize that work is not something you need to do to survive. Work is something you need to do to thrive. To work is a privilege. Never forget it.

If you hate your job, devise a list of the top ten things you love about your line of work. Start there. And slowly build your love account up.

Love people 

I used to think I could change the world from my bedroom. I didn’t want to meet anybody. I was scared of you all.

I was scared you would judge me and mock me and laugh at the ambition flowing through my veins. And so I disconnected myself from the world. I don’t have to tell you how that worked out for me. Try changing a world you’re disconnected from. Impossible.

I was pre-gaming at one of the local spots in California one night. Getting drunk to kill the sorrow and the bitter memories from the week gone by. One of those days. Pounding shot after shot. Laughing with friends and shooting the shit. You know how it goes.

I like getting drunk at expensive places…not because the alcohol taste better…but because you never know who is getting drunk at the table next to yours. I’ve met a lot of wealthy people at bars and restaurants. On this specific occasion, the table next to ours housed a billionaire. A real estate tycoon.

The evening progressed. Drunkness ensued.

More alcohol was poured and conversation was exchanged.

We got to talking and to make a short story even shorter, the secret to his massive success was rooted in his love of people.

“If you can change the way people feel, you’ll never have a problem making boat loads of money.”

Lesson: Develop an affinity for others. Only way to get rich is to serve the real needs of others. I still struggle with this. I get nervous around new people. But still I try my best to continue. Most times I fuck up. But sometimes I don’t.

Practical tips: Build rapport and learn how to open people up by asking the right questions. I have no idea how to do it. But shit…that’s the tip. I need to apply that tip my damn self.

Build your value muscle and embody generosity 

I didn’t make a dime in the first two years of business. I was struggling. And I was suffering. I was eating bullshit food. I was wearing the same clothes for days on end. I was spending all my time glued to the laptop. And I was doing all of this on purpose.

It was my master plan. Yes you read that right. My master plan was to make no money. Am I the greatest businessman or am I the greatest businessman? Ha.

My master plan was to hustle my face off for the first two years and give everything away for free. All my best stuff. I gave it away for free. And people started coming. People started coming in bunches. I started giving more stuff away for free. All of my valuable content. The content the competitors were charging thousands and thousands of dollars for. I gave away for free.

I spent months and months building the content only to give it away for free. And it turned out to be the best thing I ever did.

Lesson: If you can build up the habit of delivering value without expecting anything in return, the money will soon follow. In boatloads.

Practical tips: What’s something that others find valuable that you know a lot about? Got it? Cool. Create killer content out of your knowledge. Start a free newsletter. Write kindle books for amazon. And give everything away for free. Become the expert in the niche. Become the go to person and the authority figure for that specific niche. Now after you have a solid following, you can start charging premium prices for your work. People trust you and people love you. And now you’ll have no problem finding customers. In fact, the customers will  be dying to pay you. They will want to pay you for all your years of free work. Trust me. It works beautifully.

Condition your mind to behave in tune with the rebel, not the guard

The San Diego zoo ruined my life. I went with my friend and her friend and I saw monkeys and monkeys and monkeys locked up in cages. I don’t remember anything else from the zoo, but the monkeys. They were howling and screaming and yelling as I passed by. I stopped. And I watched them.

Inside their cage was a bucket of water and a bucket of food. I pitied the monkeys. I felt sorry for them. They could have been running free in their natural habitat, but instead they were locked up and served as a spectacle for me and everyone else who took pictures and watched them in awe.

Then the zookeeper lady walked over. She said something. I replied. We talked and we talked and we talked. And then I changed the subject and brought it back to the monkeys.

My general curiosity led me to open my big mouth and ask, “Wouldn’t these monkeys be better off in the jungle?”

“No. I think the zoo is good for them,” she replied.

“How so?”

“I only say it’s good for them because I was one of those people who believed the monkeys should be let out of their cage. And then one day one zookeeper believed the same thing and she let out all the monkeys from their cage. The monkeys screamed and roared and ran free into the jungle. And a week later…they were all dead.”

“Dead?! All of them? How come?!” I asked with shock painted all over my face.

“The monkeys grew up in the zoo. They depended on the zoo keeper for all of the necessities of life. Food, water, shelter. You name it and the zookeeper provided it. Once you take an animal that is conditioned to receive…they learn to be helpless. Take that same animal and release him into the wild…and they can’t fend for themselves.”

“But it’s the jungle. There’s food everywhere.”

“True…but the monkeys were so helpless…that even when food was all around them…they still couldn’t eat it…because it’s not what they’ve been conditioned to do. They’ve been conditioned to depend on the zookeeper, not on themselves and that’s why they were all dead a week later. Even when there was food all around them…they waited for someone else to come and feed them. That someone never came and they died waiting…”

Lesson: The world teaches you to depend. First you depend on your parents. Then you depend on your boss. Then you depend on the government. Then you depend on nurses. Then you depend on your loved ones to bury you. I spent my entire life waiting and depending. I depended on my parents for shelter. I depended on my boss for money. One day I had enough and decided to free myself and escape the invisible cage. I tried to strike out on my own and create my own business. Except I couldn’t. I couldn’t force myself to take action. There was opportunity all around, but just like those monkeys, I couldn’t see it. I was blind to it.

People tell me there are no more good opportunities left. To which I reply…

Are you sure? Or have you been stuck in the invisible cage for so long that you forgot what a good opportunity looks and feels like?

There are more opportunities now than ever before. Escape the cage and learn to see them. The longer you stay in the cage and depend on your zookeeper, the harder it will be to escape.

Practical tips: Your mind works like a prison. It houses both the rebel and the guard. The rebel is the voice inside your head telling you to start that business or approach that hot girl or quit your job and travel the world. The guard is the voice inside your head telling you to not do those things because you will fail and burn. Without knowing it, people have used their brain to create a mental prison. They have all these ideas and schemes, but the guard keeps them from executing. It’s a self governed prison. These people never take action. They just go on existing until it’s time to die.

The people who achieve massive success, devote more attention to the rebel instead of the guard. And by doing so they bring down the bars and destroy the mental prison. You need to do the same. Learn to listen to the rebel. It’s the first step and the only step in escaping the invisible cage.

Fine tune your judge of character

I learned almost everything I know about people by surrounding myself with people who made their money from the left side of the law.

I’m not encouraging anyone to go out and associate with drug dealers and thugs and gang members. But it’s what I did. Not out of choice, of course. I’m not that crazy. It’s just the way the cards fell on the table. Growing up those were the people I saw. And naturally I started to talk to them and I even became friends with some of them. That is until my momma found out and hit me on the side of the head. But hey aside from the bruises my head wore, I think I was better off for it because I developed the ability of quickly sizing people up. I could tell when someone was bullshitting me because I was always around the bullshitters. I could tell when someone was sincere and honest because they didn’t exhibit the signs and symptoms that were all too familiar to me.

This skill set has served me well. I can tell when someone says one thing but actually means another. It has helped me sell. It has helped me make friends. It has helped me avoid the people I need to avoid.

It has also helped me make money. For instance, a few months ago I was dealing with suppliers and wholesalers. I talked to a few. The one with the lowest price was attractive to me and all the other buyers in the market. But there was something about him that I couldn’t get down with. My intuition was telling me to stay clear of him. And so I did. At the time I made the dumb decision of paying three times the amount to order my inventory from a different wholesaler. A few months later, it was discovered that the wholesaler with the lowest price was not a wholesaler at all. He stole all the money and disappeared with it. My competitors never got their money back. I made twice the amount back on my investment.

Lesson: In order to succeed in business and in life, you need to be a good judge of people. You need to develop your intuition. You need to be able to spot the winners and you need to hire them to work for you. And you need to avoid the losers.

Practical tips: Expose yourself to those who lie, cheat, and steal…so you can fine tune your judge of character.

Become an outcast

I fell into the same pattern over and over again. It was sickening. Like a disease that refuses to leave your body.

I would devise ideas. Inject my veins with the drug of excitement. And run off into the world and tell everyone and anyone who would listen about my ideas and dreams. And they would all laugh. They would all giggle. And tell me I was going to fall flat on my face. And I did fall flat on my face because…

I gave in. Not once did I put those ideas into action. My confidence account was deflated. It had just made out with a sharp needle.

The needle of mediocrity.

The needle of mediocrity was all around me.

It was popping every dream and every ambition I wanted to devote my life to. And the people who held the needle…and did the stabbing…were ironically…the very same people who said they loved me the most.

Lesson: The mediocre will never understand you. Accept this. And stop talking to them about your grand schemes. All of my friends and family think I’m doing jack shit with my life. And that’s because I never fill them in. I don’t want to. I don’t care. They can keep thinking whatever they desire.

Practical tips: Do it alone. Be your own best friend. Be your own counsel. Disconnect yourself from the masses. Stop doing what everyone else is doing. And do the opposite instead. It’s a lonely road full of everything you are scared of. But it’s the only road worth taking for it is the only road that will lead you to riches and the life of your dreams. At least that’s what people a hundred times better than me have told me.

Learn numeracy

I majored in Accounting thinking it was going to teach me the financial knowledge I needed to excel in life. It didn’t. It fed me the same shit for four years and robbed me of my money.

Lesson: Numbers are business. Business are numbers. Learn it. You need it to close deals. You need it to invest. You need it to be free.

Practical tips: The numeracy you learn in school is bullshit. Find out the real numeracy you need to excel in life. And master it. Need somewhere to begin? Study compounding interest. Study the rules of investing.

Build and destroy

In 2012, I wrote one e-book every three weeks for six months. One e-book was roughly 150 to 200 pages. After I finished, I deleted it. And then I started the next e-book. Only to light fire to it and collect the ashes.

I collected all the ashes from all the e-books I wrote and destroyed and collectively the ashes reignited the creativity that was locked inside me for all these years.

Lesson: Always be building. Always be destroying. Everything you touch isn’t going to turn to gold. Accept it. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Just be creative for the sake of being creative.

Practical tips: Start a new project. Work hard. Destroy it. Repeat.

Build your sales skills

Become a master of sales and you become a master of persuasion. Become a master of persuasion and you become a master of people. Become a master of people and you become a master of the world.

 Grow Your Cajones

I used to be the biggest pussy known to man. I couldn’t do anything.

I was scared to offend. I was scared to try. I was scared to fail.

I was scared people weren’t going to accept me.

I was scared to take the risk. And because of my cowardness, I lost out on lots of money. I lost out on great experiences. I lost out on meeting great people.

If you collected all of the things I lost out on and you stored them into a jar, you would be storing the contents of a remarkable life. A remarkable life I never got the chance to live because I was such a pussy.

Don’t be like me.

The lesson here is clear. Balls is the name of the game. Possess some fucking balls. And take the risk.

Nine times out of ten, it’s not the person who is the most intelligent who prevails. It’s the person who is the most ballsy. Whether that be in the boardroom or at a party.

Practical tips: Don’t be a pussy.

Build your worthiness muscle

Love yourself like your life depends on it. Because it does.


That’s all I got. You now have the ultimate plan for self improvement.

Only question I have for you is the following:

If you improve yourself in all of the areas listed above, what do you become?

Let me help you out…

You become a unique person who sees the word through unique eyes. You become a person with a tenacious work ethic. You become a person who possesses a deep love and understanding of people. You become a person who can bring massive value to the marketplace. You become a person who can avoid the pitfalls that are far too common to your adversaries. You become a self reliant person who is a force of nature. You become a person who has the knowledge and intel to structure and close deals. You become a person who exhibits signs of creative genius. You become a person who can sell water to a well. You become a person who can inspire the masses to follow you to the edge of the world. You become a person who isn’t afraid to risk it all. And you become a person who is worthy of all the success and fame and wealth heading your way.

In other words…

You become the right person for the job.

Tej Dosa
6:54 PM
Vancouver, BC