Why You Need To Invest In Yourself And How You Can Increase Your Income By 50%

One of Warren Buffet’s most watched interviews is about a speech he’s giving students who are just beginning their quest for success in the real world. The number one advice he offers to these students is they need to invest in themselves. They need to increase their value. By doing so he states you can overcome anything and succeed no matter how challenging the economy or any other obstacle may be. Simply put you will succeed if you become a better you.

A lot of people try chasing success without having mastered themselves first. These people run around wildly and never really accomplish anything in life. If your mind is not right your grind will not be characterized with perfection and hence success will be much less likely. The first thing you should aim to do is conquer yourself. Name any successful person and you will see a person who has conquered themselves. By aligning their mind to their dreams and not letting anything get in the way they make success inevitable.

In order to align your vision with your drive you need to increase your own value. You need to develop new skills and increase the value you possess. In today’s time in order to survive you have to be constantly reinventing yourself and improving and adopting new skills.  If you remain stagnant you will find that your job soon gets replaced by some new technology. However the company will keep you on the force if you possess value because this makes you much more valuable to the company.

It’s all about value these days and how much you bring to the table.

How To Increase Your Value

The best way to go about increasing your value is to scout out five people that possess some characteristic that you will like to adopt. Pick out five people that you admire and list your reason for why you admire them. They can be average people or famous people. Whoever it is just list out your number one feature for them that you will like to pick up and have within you. After you have made a list of this you need to begin your quest and adopt this skill. I recommend you start out in the self help industry and pick up a few books on the topic and more importantly put to use what it is you are learning in the book. By doing so you will notice your skill level increasing and in time you will have completely adopted that new skill and in return will have increased your value.

For instance say one of the people I write down on my list of five people is James Bond and the reason for my admiration is because of the confidence he possesses. Well the next step is I would go out and strive to increase my own confidence. I would research the best products out there and purchase them in order to adopt this skill. On the other hand, I could also increase my confidence by not wasting a dime. By going about it this way I would get on the internet and find some tips that I can put to use in my life. For instance, I might stumble across articles like The Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Confidence which highlights the easy steps one can take in order to possess massive confidence. It’s very simple indeed. There’s tons of information out there on the internet so use it.

It is interesting to note that this is exactly what the successful do. They don’t envy others key characteristics instead they learn from them and apply those traits to themselves. Hence this is one of the reasons why you will always see successful people hanging out with other successful people. The mentality rubs off.

With that noted, below I present to you Warren Buffet’s way of increasing your income by 50%.

How To Increase Your Income By 50%

Warren has been heard on the record numerous times talking about how important it is to face your fears and increase your communication skills. He states that by increasing your communication skills you will increase your income by 50%. Communication skills may just be the greatest skill set you can possess. If you can talk the talk you will put yourself in a much better position which in return will be presented with more opportunities. For instance, Jordan Belfort once talked himself into a job with a highly successful firm with no prior education in the field while others who were applying for the job had years on end of education and work related experience. Communication skills are a must so it’s really important you learn them.

Below is the video itself in which Warren tells you in his own words how important it really is to increase your communication skills.

Warren Buffett- How To Increase Your Income By 50%

The book Warren is talking about in the above video can be found here: How To Win Friends and Influence People