What Makes A Failure?

This is the million dollar question eh? If we have access to this answer, the lock to our dreams could be unlocked by simply shying away from the characteristics that define a failure. Well lucky for you, I believe I have found the answer. You see when people want to become successful most people advise them to learn from other successful people. You have probably heard the saying “you can learn something from everybody.” That saying is fucking true, however the problem with people who aim for success now a days in my perspective is they only want to learn from the successful. They only look at the successful and try to pick up any little details that in return will give them the seccret to building everlasting success in their own life.

This is powerful and if done correctly it can have life changing effects. There is a old philosophy of way to become successful. This philosophy is centered around finding a successful person who has already done what you are trying to do. Next, you simply have to do everything they did to get to that point of success. If you replicate what they do to achieve success then without saying you should reach some form of success as well. It works, but in my opinion this is only half of the equation.

Many people only focus on learning about what makes someone successful, but I ask you, why don’t you also focus on what makes somebody a failure? This is the other  key aspect of the success equation.

The Success Equation
Learn What To Do By Studying Successful People + Learn What Not To Do By Studying Failures= Success For YOU
(Yes, I made that equation up ha!)

The problem with only studying the successful is you are presented with a limited view of the characteristics that contributed to that persons success. However, it is still useful. If you are smart then you will apply these characteristics to your own identity, however the problem with this is, even though you have applied new ‘successful’ characteristics to your persona you are still reliable to your old character traits that dictate your actions unconsciously. Worst still, you are not aware if these character traits aid to your success or if they’re holding you back because the view you have is that of a successful person and the only thing you can see is their positive traits. Hence, the other traits that you have cannot be labelled as ones that symbolize failure or success.

Therefore, the solution to this problem is studying failures and the leading causes behind their failing endeavors. By doing so you learn what you shouldn’t be doing. More importantly, what character traits you need to disregard. In my perspective, you can learn much more from failures than you can from successful people. An additional benefit of learning from both successful people and peeps who have failed is you are granted the beauty of both sides of the world. This better allows you to shift your mentality to that of a successful person.

Warren Buffet vs. The Average Joe
They key in this process is to take a failure and one person that has achieved incredible success and compare the two side by side. For instance, when I did this I chose the greatest investor of all time, Warren Buffet and compared him to an average person I know personally who has encountered tons of failures in life. For the sake of this article lets call that average person, Joey. So Warren Buffet VS. Joey.

I then proceeded to ask questions such as what mentality does Warren Buffet possess? How does Warren Buffet think? All sorts of questions like these. The important part here is I was just not making assumptions of what I thought Mr.Buffet was like, instead I took the time to completely study him and learn his every move. I accomplished this from reading his world famous letters to his shareholders to watching his videos on YouTube and everything in between, I LEARNED A LOT.

The next step in the process was to compare the two individuals side by side like I mentioned before. I categorized the two into ‘What Makes Warren Buffet successful?‘ and ‘What Makes Joey a failure?’ The way I learned about what made Joey a failure was similar to the way I picked up my insight on Warren Buffet, which was by studying his actions.

Now this was clearly easier to do since I had easier access to Joey than Warren Buffet. Next, the character traits were aligned side by side and the reason for Joey’s constant failures in life soon became apparent. Before I inform you of the reason I just want to state how important it is for you to do this activity as well. Like I said, it will shift your perception/mentality away from Joey’s and move it towards the successful person in this case Warren Buffet’s.

When the traits and the reason for success is compared with Joey’s flaws it results in your mind making a distinction between the two and making a unconscious choice of who to be like. Obviously if you want success your mind will automatically align with Warren Buffet and you will soon begin to mimic his mentality and such. This is the point where you should have a smile on your face which stretches from ear to ear 😀 . Why? Remember the philosophy I touched upon earlier, well if you begin acting and abiding by this leading factor that made Warren (or whatever successful person you chose to study) successful then in no time you will experience success as well. Hence, the key to all this is to go into the utmost detail when you are performing this activity. If you keep it broad and brief you will gain some minor insights, however no major progress will be made. As a result, the amount of effort you put into this activity will be a direct resemblance to how much you get out of it.

Anyways, I really got sidetracked there for a minute (your probably used to this by now ha 😀 ) so it’s time to come back and talk about the leading factor which defines a failure and prevents people from becoming successful in life.

What Prevents People From Becoming Successful?
Well the answer to the million dollar question can be expressed with one simple word…FEAR. The emotion of fear is what keeps average people like Joey from leading remarkable, successful lives. This horrible emotion keeps them from taking initiative. In an earlier article which can be found here Why 90% of People Fail (And What You Can Do to Become the 10% That Succeed) I outlined the reason why 90% of people fail which was because they fail to take action. Well the emotion of fear is the leading cause in the tendency of never taking action.

Now the beauty of studying the successful and people who have encountered serious levels of failures in life is it allows us to see how the successful handle and deal with the emotion of fear. It’s an emotion so we all experience it to some degree.

Anyways, back to the original example of Warren Buffet and Joey. What I concluded after studying Warren was he felt the emotion of fear just like Joey, however he acted in spite of it. For instance, when Warren made the decision to invest a heavy sum of his money into Coca Cola it is obvious that risking millions of dollars involved the fear of potentially losing it all, but even though Warren felt this he still proceeded with his investment (boy was that a good decision). That simple story right there puts everything into perspective.

If Joey was in Warren’s shoes it is obvious that he would have been crippled by the fear, and would’ve failed to act. Now I hope its clear for you that the reason why Joey never succeeded was he let fear defeat him. He let fear not only throw him down, but also keep him down. This is the leading factor which prevents success for most individuals. Take some time to think back on a time when you let fear prompt you from taking action. We can’t see into the future (unless you have a crystal ball, in that case, make sure to FedEx it over ASAP ha!) but there is a possibility that if you had acted in spite of that fear your life could have been completely different right now and filled with success this very moment. You could have been living your dream life right now if you had taken action.

Relax, don’t beat yourself over it, we all have had these experiences. We cannot change the past, but from here on out like the successful, you need to learn from this and take action even when you feel fear.

How To Eliminate Fear
In an earlier article I talked about how to eliminate stress in five easy steps. well the steps I outlined in that article can also be used to eliminate your fears. This will allow you to overcome the number one obstacle that prevents people from becoming successful. You can find that article here How To Eliminate Stress In 5 Easy Steps

I end this article with a quote from Mike Tyson

“Fear is your best friend or your worst enemy. It’s like fire. If you can control it, it can cook for you; it can heat your house. If you can’t control it, it will burn everything around you and destroy you. If you can control your fear, it makes you more alert, like a deer coming across the lawn.”

Cheers to your new FEARLESS life! 😀