Why you’re not getting anything done (even when you work 12 hour days)

Most people run around the clock. They don’t get anything done.

Sure they show up to work.

But they don’t make progress.

Heck, I’ve lived that life too.

It’s not a question of productivity. It’s about focus and choice.

And in today’s day and age, it’s all the more difficult because choice is all we have. Let me explain.

The reason why you feel like you’re not getting anything done is because you set no limits on your to-do list. You have 24 hours and you can fill those up however you like.

You’d think this would be liberating. It’s a trap.

It traps you into thinking you can do everything, have anything, and be everything. You cannot.

Here’s why:

Pretend I hand you a gun every morning and with it I give you unlimited bullets. This means you have full control and freedom. You can shoot and kill whatever you like.

So what do you do?

Well, you have 24 hours. That’s a lot of time.

And deep down, you know it.

So you wake up, throw on Netflix, and use a bullet to kill a show you’ve been watching.

Then you use another bullet to kill some processed food.

Then you open up your laptop and use another bullet to check off some minor task off your to-do list.

Then you pick up a book and use another bullet to murder some pages.

You keep going on and on and on. Using one bullet after another, filling up your 24 hours.

It seems like you’re making progress…

It seems like you’re moving forward…

But you’re really not.

And that’s because –

You’re failing to use your bullets to their full potential.


Cause’ when you know you have unlimited bullets, you unconsciously devalue the worth and impact of each bullet.

And you get lazy.

Shooting in every which direction, but never hitting any target worth hitting.

As a result, you waste your bullets on whatever the hell you please…

Unproductive tasks…

Binge watching TV shows…


Or worse… tasks that seem important and urgent, but really aren’t…

But whatever right?

You know you have unlimited bullets and you’ll always have tomorrow. So you don’t give a fuck.

But in reality: This approach is what screws many people over in life.

Now imagine a better way –

Imagine each morning when you wake up, I hand you a loaded gun but it only has 3 BULLETS. Again, you’re in full control. But if you fail to use the bullets, you lose them forever.

What would happen then?

Well, you’d quickly realize your bullets are limited each day. So you better shoot ONLY the things worth killing. As a result, you wouldn’t waste a bullet on Netflix, or YouTube, or anything else that’s unproductive.

Instead, you’d spend your 3 bullets each day on tasks and projects that move you and your life forward…

Wouldn’t you?

Of course.

And because of it, you’d be a lot more successful, happier, and alive.

But more importantly –

You wouldn’t return to bed without emptying your clip.

And that my friend…

Would make all the difference.

Because it’d force you to get serious about what really matters to you and would help you forget about all the other BS you spend your day doing.

Tej Dosa
5:22 pm
Vancouver, BC