Will You Die A Blue Wolf?

Trying to touch a gazillion dollars. And I’m like a dime away.

I remember being fourteen, getting on my little knees. Asking the lord, please help me get a little cheese. It was hard out. But in the end, it was all worth it. Or at least, it will be. I hope.

Here’s why.

I made a decision a long time ago.

The decision was simple: to live and die with my own decisions. To follow my own intuition. To blaze my own path. To throw doctrine to the wind. And set sail.

It’s been almost 10 years since I left the comfortable shores behind.

The tides have come and gone.

First, they destroyed me. Pushing me to the bottom of the ocean. Leaving my lungs full with salty water. Then they uplifted me. Guiding me to the top of the world. Leaving my heart full with pride.

But that’s neither here nor there…


Cause those 10 years won’t mean a thing in the grand scheme of things. For they were just the ignition to the match—the fire starter—the real damage will be achieved in the next decade. And the next decade. And the next decade…until it’s time to cash out. And check out.

Still, I digress.

Cause these principles laid the blueprint. And they saved my life. Maybe they’ll rescue you too.

Roll the dice.

Nobody wants to be average. Yet most of us enter the cemetery having lived dull and mundane lives.

How does it happen?

No clueI’m too young and dumb to know.

But here’s my theory:

First, it happens slowly. Then it speeds up. Before long, it’s over. And you’ve reached the end. Mediocrity wins. And your heart gives out.

You see…

From grade school to retirement, we’re directed to follow the same blueprint. It’s safe and comfortable. It comes with many perks. Large salaries. Corner offices. Prestigious titles.

But these things blind us…from pursuing the things that are important to us.

Before long, the system chews us up. And spits us out.

The ones who resist entering the system…

Well, those are the ones who win. In the end. And escape mediocrity.

But it’s not easy.

Here’s why.

To escape the system, you have to embrace risk. And to embrace risk, you have to find comfort in the discomfort of waking up with nervous tremors. And living with no safety net.

I remember entering college…

For many, this is a time to build your resume. And secure a high paying job.

I had different motives. Only time I made a resume was to pass a class.

I didn’t know much, but I knew one thing. I didn’t want to work for anyone.

To the outside world, this was stupid. And risky.

But to me, it was the smartest move I could ever make.


Cause it was the tiny exit I could take before the system swallowed me whole. And spat me out 40 years later, broken and unfulfilled.

Choose your career with the end in mind.

Some nights I throw on a podcast. And then, I doze off to sleep.


I’m out cold within a few minutes.

But many moons ago, I heard something that left me with dilated pupils. And kept me up for a very long time.

Here’s what it was:

Most people pick careers based on money or status. It’s the wrong move.


Before you finalize and pick your career, you should first see what the people who have worked 40 years in your career look and live like. Look at the ‘old’ folks who are at the top in your line of work.

Is their lifestyle the one you want?

I have friends who desire to be partners and investment bankers. They want the money and the status that comes along with it. At first, I wanted this too. Or so, I thought.

But here’s what I noticed after interacting with top shot corporate executives and investment bankers at the top of their field…

Most work 16-18 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most are overweight. Most are divorced. Most have no strong ties to family. Most don’t create any impact in the world. Most don’t treat life like a grandiose adventure. Most are dull and boring. Most are lacking fulfillment in other areas of their life. Most are miserable as fuck.

Is this the life you want?

Sure you may become an outlier

But it’s far more likely you’re going to end up like those you surround yourself with.

I didn’t want this life.

I wanted a life full of adventure, happiness, wealth, love and freedom. A life where I call the shots. A life where I do what I want, when I want. A life where I live with my foot against the gas. And so, I applied the same thought process…

Who has the lifestyle I’m seeking?

For many years, I didn’t know.

Then I found the answer in Forbes Magazine.

You were born a human being. Die a blue wolf.

I’ve been looking up at the stars—for a long long time.

I’ve been lighting sparks—for a long long time.

I’ve been running astrayfor a long long time.

I’ve been howling at the moon—for a long long time.

People like us, we don’t need that much.

But a vision. And the courage to bet our life on it.


Let’s shake the dice. And roll them.

There’s two games going on…

One game is mediocrity—this is the game home to most human beings. It is here where you climb the ranks and maybe end up with a nice home with a white picket fence. You’ve made it. And won.

I never liked this game. I wish I did. Maybe it would save me from failure and heartache and sorrow. But I can only stay true to what I feel…

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been intrigued with another game—it’s a lot more dangerous. And uncertain. It’s the game home to blue wolves. This is the game that ends with your name up in lights. And the world bowing at your feet.

John. Susas. Emily. Bryan. Richard.

These are human beings.

Albert Einstein. Steve Jobs. John D. Rockefeller. Andrew Carnegie. Bill Gates. Warren Buffet. Oprah Winfrey. Nelson Mandela. Muhammad Ali. Elon Musk. Richard Branson. Kobe Bryant. Walt Disney.

These are blue wolves.

I don’t want to be human. I want to transcend. And become a blue wolf.

But it’s not about what I want…

It’s about what I do.

Cause when the end comes, and pitch darkness overtakes me, the last question I’ll ask is…

Did the world grow stronger as a result of me being alive?

If the answer is no, I lived and died as a human being.

If the answer is yes, I transcended and died a blue wolf.

It’s the only thing I care about. It’s the only thing that matters.

And that’s why…

I’ll never settle. No matter what.

I reach for the stars not because of money or fame.

I reach for the stars because I want to change the color of my skin from brown to blue.

Reread the above. It sounds crazy, right?

I’m sure you agree.

In fact, I’m sure there’s a bunch of people snickering underneath their breath at the last point. Calling me crazy and delusional. I get it. But I’ll never listen.

You shouldn’t either.

Some time ago, my girlfriend accompanied her father to the bank. It was mortgage related. And the person in charge, snickered at her and told her “good luck” when she told him she was freelancing.

I wasn’t there.

But I could tell the “good luck” wasn’t the type of “good luck” that comes from a heart full of love. It was a snickering type of “good luck.” It was the “I think I’m better than you” type of good luck. It was the type of “good luck” I’ve heard all my life.

And it made me mad. But it also made me happy, very happy.

I’ll tell you why in just a bit, but first…

The world is full of people like this.

People in ‘safe’ careers who never lived a day in their life—offering you advice from their ‘high horse’ on how you should live your life. Worse, snickering at you when you decide to travel off the beaten down path.

They think they have it made. They think they’re on the right path. They think they’re better than everybody.

But in reality…

These people are insecure.

And so, they can’t take the thought of anybody else following their dreams because they never had the balls to follow their own. You should never listen to them.

Instead, laugh in their face. And continue blazing your own path.


Cause the world has changed.

And when it’s all said and done…

I want you to compare her life to his life.

And you’ll see who actually needed good luck. And who didn’t. The difference will be night and day. And I’ll bet the bank on it. Every single time.

Tej Dosa
3:22 pm
Vancouver, BC