YOU Are Dying…

As much as it may hurt to realize the truth, the truth can sometimes be constructive as it can open your eyes to the opportunities you are blessed with.

This is no different. There is one thing you need to realize and that is you are dying. You are on the verge of death. Regardless of how young or how old you may be, we are all dying. If you are living than you are dying.

Sounds bizarre? Well it really isn’t if you think about it. Allow me to explain, with every new day, every night, and with every breath you take you are moving one step closer to death. 

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The very day you were born was the first day that you started to move towards death. After all death is the only thing that is promised in life and hence that is what we are all moving towards whether we like it or not.

So where some can take this gruesome truth and view it as a negative, the successful realize this and put their days to use.

Steve Jobs said it best, “Your time is limited.”

We all try to act as if we are living each day like it’s our last, but as you may have found out that is much easier to say than it is to practice. The reason for this is we let the notion of life suck us up and we get trapped in the reality that life brings upon us. This results in us living out the same old life and doing the same old things.

Therefore instead of attempting to live like each day is your last you should live as if you are dying. This is very true indeed. You don’t know how many days you have left on this planet so you cannot be sure when you are going to die, but you can be sure that you are dying. Slowly, but surely.

Now with all this horrible talk out of the way, you can truly use this to your advantage to kick start your engine and make your dreams a reality. In fact this may just become a very big competitive advantage for you.

You see when you live as if your days are numbered, you begin to get everything you possibly can out of your days. You no longer waste time. Instead you become consumed in using every minute up of the day. You no longer spend half of your day sleeping or participating in activities that you do not find enjoyable. Instead you go out and reak havoc in the world.

You aim to leave your mark on the world because any day can be your last.

So with all this understood, I ask you, if you are already on the verge of death, what excuse do you have for not chasing your dreams? Why aren’t you going after your dreams with full force? Why are you not taking control of your life?

You’re scared? Well what is the point of being scared if you know you are dying? There is no point. So stop doing what you hate to do and instead start doing what you were put on this earth to do. Whatever that is. Only you can answer that. Your parents can’t tell you, your friends can’t tell you. Nobody can. You have to look within you and find out your purpose and aim to achieve it before death comes your way.

So live.

Live freely, laugh a lot and enjoy life. 

And remember you are not invincible. Every new day brings you closer to death. Each and every person has their days numbered so put those days to use, already.