If Only You Could See Yourself Like I See You…

Dedicated to: You and all my friends who don’t see how great they truly are. 


If you could see yourself like I see you…

You would never shed a tear. You would never feel a fear.

But you don’t see…

What I see.

I tell you about your feats, you focus on your flaws.

I applaud, but you hear demons throughout it all.

I can tell you’ve been crying…

From the look in your eyes…

I see sadness all inside.

All because of a lie…

You believed…

When you were five. Or maybe you were nine.

Some cocksucker teacher or parent looked you in your eye.

And he told you a lie…

When he said…

You will never be…

What you desire to be…

So retreat

And you did.

You listened and you obliged.

You tucked in your tail and you waited to die.

Now you live, but you act as if you’re not even alive.

And it’s a shame.

Because every time I touch you, I can feel the ambition…

Trapped in your vein.

Tej Dosa
11:26 am
Vancouver, BC

13 thoughts on “If Only You Could See Yourself Like I See You…

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